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Top Weight Loss Strategies

Understand why you gain weight

Woman with weight gainSome people will have an underlying medical problem that causes them to gain weight. The vast majority of people gain weight simply because they consume more calories than they expend. The body converts the excess calories into fat, and stores that fat, resulting in weight increase.

Know which foods are best

Choosing the right foodsMany people are under the impression that avoiding fatty foods is the key to weight loss. This is not strictly accurate. The body does not easily digest unsaturated fat, and most fat of this type is excreted. Therefore, it is fine to eat a limited amount of unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are the visible fats you can see in bacon rinds, or in beef steaks, for example.

Green, leafy vegetables are excellent sources of nutrition and can be eaten in any quantities. Not all vegetables are good when trying to achieve weight loss results. Search online for a list of healthy options.

Many fruits are an excellent option when trying to lose weight, but some fruits need to be avoided.

What foods to avoid

Foods to avoidThe three biggest culprits contributing to weight gain are sugar, starch and saturated fats. Sugar comes in many different forms, but no matter what form it is in when you ingest it, it has a high calorie content. Sugar is often added to processed foods like cereals and fruit juices, and it also occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables.

Even fruit juices with no added sugar have a high level of natural sugar, and should be avoided. It is far better to eat fresh pineapples, oranges or apples than it is to drink a glass of juice made from these. Choose fruits with lower sugar levels. You can search online to see the sugar content of fruits. Use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar.

Cakes, biscuits and other confectionery products are high in sugar and saturated fats, and should be avoided. Avoid starchy foods like potatoes and white rice. Do not use store-bought salad dressings, as these are often high in fat and sugar. You can make your own dressings using low calorie ingredients.

Dairy foods to avoidDairy products can have high saturated fat content, but you can opt for zero or low fat versions. Note that low fat yogurts that have added sugar should be avoided.

You will lose weight healthily by having a well-balanced diet that is made up of the lower calorie foods from different food groups. With a little research, you can identify these foods and you will be impressed with the results.

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