Weight Loss Diet Plans – The Secret to Real Success


Weighing on scaleHave you ever wondered why some people can go on random diet plans and be incredibly successful at dropping excess fat, while others struggle for months just to lose 10 pounds? It’s true that genetics and other biological factors can slow down or accelerate weight loss, but much of the variance in results comes from outside sources.

For instance, have you ever considered the effect of your mental state on your dieting efforts?

Most people just focus on following the rules of popular diet plans and expect to see big results, but there actually is valid evidence that what is in your mind can actually determine how successful you will be in the long run! This is one of the biggest secrets to long term results.

Dedication vs. Motivation

One of the biggest aspects of being mentally prepared for quick weight loss is understanding the difference between dedication to your diet plan and outside motivation. You hear people say all the time that they need some motivation just to get them going, but it’s not about motivation!

Weight loss success comes from dedicating yourself completely to doing what is required, and from that you will find internal motivation. If you wait for something to come along and motivate you, a lot of time is wasted. You will routinely find that motivation comes and goes, and so do your results.

When you want real, life changing results, you motivate yourself by committing to a diet plan and following through with it long term – with or without external motivation!

Make that mental commitment to sticking with the plan, and you will find all weight loss diet plans a lot more effective.

Planning Ahead

Meal Planning AheadAnother mental aspect that often leads to diet failure is jumping into diet plans without planning ahead of time. It’s so easy to say you are going to start a new diet then blow off one meal because you don’t have the right foods in the house. You eat what is available thinking you’ll get on plan with the next meal, but often that one missed meal spirals into many missed meals until you are completely off your plan.

The flaw here is not with your willpower or the structure of the weight loss diet plans chosen. It’s a matter of being mentally prepared and setting yourself up for success. It doesn’t matter what type of weight loss diet plans you are taking up, you have to plan ahead and set yourself up for success if you want to see real results that last.

Finding What Works

On a final note, don’t be afraid to find a couple different weight loss diet plans that appeal to you and give them a try. Too many people think they have to select one plan and follow it exactly as instructed. This can stand in the way of your results since many people who find rapid weight loss success do so by modifying one good diet or even combining aspects of a couple different weight loss diet plans. If you try a new plan and find that some aspects really work for you but there are some parts that don’t, don’t be afraid to modify it to your lifestyle!

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By Scott A Timm

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