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Sugar Addiction: Are You an Addict?

Is sugar killing us? This isn’t (really) a rant about sugar because let’s face it you’ve heard it all before. You are well aware that too much sugar makes you fat and has ominous links to type 2 diabetes. You know the facts, so I’m not going to patronise you with a concoction of sensationalist […]

Psychological Strategies to Overcome Diabetes Depression

Overcome diabetes depression 1. Take Notice of Your Thoughts Becoming aware of your thinking styles and the thoughts that you regularly have are an important part of managing the frustrations caused by living with diabetes. Start to become more mindful of the thoughts you are having before, during and after you notice yourself feeling dissatisfaction […]

New Types of Treatments For Type 2 Diabetes

Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes Although several advances have been made on diabetes treatment, apparently, many patients have not made considerable changes in their treatments for the last 10 years. Somehow, there has been a lot of uniformity with drugs such as Metformin and the sulfonylureas (Diabenese Micronase, Amaryl Glynase, DiaBeta and Glucotrol). Of these, […]