Reduce Your Love Handles Quickly

Waist Exercises – How to Reduce Your Waist & Love Handles Quickly

Lifestyle changesEveryone has a different name to call this specific area of the body. Whether they’d refer to it as the waist, obliques, love handles, or muffin tops. In the end, it all means one thing – a big problem on your belly!

Love handles and an oversized waist are caused by a build-up of too much fat along the sides of the stomach and core. Which means to reduce the waistline, some of the best waist exercises you can do — aren’t even “waist exercises” at all! Because to see any results from doing those waist exercises, you have to:

Eat Clean & Lean to Lower Fat Around the Waist Dramatically

Take a hard look at your diet first because you can do all the best waist exercises on the planet. But, if you’re not eating right then you won’t see great results from your workouts.

So begin by reducing, or if you want dramatic results then eliminate refined sugars from your diet. Doing this alone can help you lose fat on your waist quickly. Most people think carbs only makes you fat.

While eating too much carbs, especially overindulging on bad carbs and not getting enough exercise can make you fat. The fact is your body needs some carbohydrates. But your body doesn’t need excess sugar from junk food, soda, and coffee. Which makes your waistline bigger!

Then, add more quality lean protein to your daily meals. Protein can help you lose fat by controlling your appetite. If you’re not hungry all the time, then you won’t go on all out eating frenzies and gain unwanted calories!

Burn Love Handles Faster Than Typical Cardio Routines

To lose the love handles more effectively, you have to raise your metabolism by doing some form of cardio. But, if you want to get rid of your love handles faster. Then do interval training. If done correctly (meaning at a the right intensity) and consistently, not only will high-intensity interval training help you lose overall fat quicker, but you’ll also build lean muscle. Which helps you burn more fat!

Below is a quick sample high-intensity interval workout you can do to give your metabolic rate a boost:

1) Jog at an even tempo for a minute

2) Sprint (e.g. run as quickly as you possibly can) for thirty seconds

3) Then, jog again for a minute

4) Sprint once more for thirty seconds

5) Continue until you have done 10 sets of jogging and 10 sets of sprinting

6) Conclude by stretching out & cooling down for at least five minutes

Build Lean Muscle to Lose Love Handles Easier

By adding lean muscle mass with strength training, you’ll speed up your metabolism to lose waist fat even faster as it takes more calories to maintain muscle than fat. So, along with a consistent cardio routine. It’s also important to give your workouts a nice dose of strength training.

Strength training is not only important in terms of trimming your waistline, but it’s also vital for overall health and fitness. The best part is you can reduce your waist by strength training for as little as three times per week. Which isn’t asking a lot considering the many benefits you’ll get like better sleep at night, stronger bones, improved stamina, and as mentioned boosting your metabolism to lose fat.

Bottom Line on Waist Exercises?

To trim your waist and love handles quickly, don’t make the mistake of spending all your time on waist exercises. Yes, you still need waist exercises to target the hard to reach areas on the sides of the stomach and core. But, only after you’ve reduced your overall body fat by eating right, and doing cardio and strength training consistently will you see great results from doing those waist exercises.

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