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Weight Loss Diet Plans – The Secret to Real Success

  Have you ever wondered why some people can go on random diet plans and be incredibly successful at dropping excess fat, while others struggle for months just to lose 10 pounds? It’s true that genetics and other biological factors can slow down or accelerate weight loss, but much of the variance in results comes […]

What’s the Best Weight Loss Method for Men Over 50?

Are you a man over age 50? Cutting down weight and burning calories can be difficult especially for men who are over the age of 50. The situation can be more daunting if the right combination of diet and exercise is not balanced. Reliable studies and research have consistently indicated that men who have reached […]

Men, Health and Diabetes Effects

Men and diabetes Men with diabetes suffer with diabetes-related complications differently than women. And one of the diabetes-related complications that men fear most is erectile dysfunction. Diabetes increases the risk of erectile dysfunction or impotence due to the damage to the nerves and muscles of the male reproductive organ. There are other parts of the […]

Erectile Dysfunction: Prelude to Heart Attack and Men’s Worst Fear

Erectile dysfunction means more that trouble down below! Erectile dysfunction is a prelude to a heart attack. The unspoken fear of millions of men all around the globe, ED as how others coin it, is a sign of an upcoming heart failure. With this, it is but wise to confer sexual wellbeing with your doctor. […]

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5 Reasons to Love Your Big Butt

Big butts are good! When I was younger I used to hate it. With her nose turned up and a sour expression on her face, one of my aunts would say to me, “You’re going to have a big obnoxious looking butt when you get older.” I thought that was a bad thing. In high […]

Help Me Sleep!!

Sleep How do you know you have insomnia? If you ever wished before going to bed, “Help me Sleep,” you have insomnia. When you are overjoyed to have nightmares because at least you know you got some sleep, you have insomnia! Before going to bed, I would begin to worry about having another sleepless night […]

Isometric Strength Training: Training for Real Strength

Strength Training Man has made the best in technology and invention when it comes to making things convenient. In the process, things have only gotten more complicated. For instance, when it comes to your fitness, a simple calisthenics routine with regular jogging or simpler aerobics are enough. But we still want to go to fancy […]

Personal Fitness Plan for a Balanced Lifestyle

A healthy body and a healthy mind Usually good personality means a healthy body and healthy mind, if our body is healthy then only we can maintain a balanced lifestyle. A healthy body helps us our mind to linger beaming and fervent. A physically fit body will help us to do our activities energetically, help […]

Psychological Strategies to Overcome Diabetes Depression

Overcome diabetes depression 1. Take Notice of Your Thoughts Becoming aware of your thinking styles and the thoughts that you regularly have are an important part of managing the frustrations caused by living with diabetes. Start to become more mindful of the thoughts you are having before, during and after you notice yourself feeling dissatisfaction […]

Szechuan Chicken And Pepper Spinach Salad Recipe

Recipe by Teresa Heeres from Quincy, IL. Rating    Per Serving:  360 Calories, 29 g protein, 2  g fiber, 20 g fat, 4.5 g net carbs Servings: 2 Prep time: 0:10 Total time: 0:30 Categories: Lunch, Main Dish Source: Terri Ingredients 4 cups fresh baby spinach or can use Romaine if desired. 2 – 6oz […]